Personal Injury Claims

In over 25 years of practice, Attorney Cynthia K. Wong has litigated cases in all courts throughout the State of Hawaii and in the Federal District Court for the State of Hawaii.

Those cases have included, in addition to others listed on the Website, products liability claims, claims against the police department, claims involving highway design and maintenance, bike accidents, boating accidents, and claims involving recreational liability.

Cynthia fights hard to protect her clients’ rights. She and her team work hard for the injured. She and her team prepare comprehensive court documents based on the evidence. Cynthia investigates, collects information, and takes depositions asking the tough questions on direct and cross-examination of witnesses and experts. She has written appellate briefs and understands the law. She is aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced. Cynthia has proven results.

If you need help, contact Cynthia today.